Service and Calibrations Center

We have specialist surveying equipment repair workshop and hold a large selection of spares. Our staff are factory trained and complete continuous professional training programs to ensure we continue to meet the highest standards.

With the increasing use of software controlled servicing for modern survey instruments it is vitally important that your KOLIDA, Pentax , SXBLUE equipment is serviced by an authorized and approved service facility.

It is for this reason that we have made a considerable investment in the latest tooling, calibration ranges, service dongle’s and software in conjunction with a continuous training programme undertaken at the KOLIDA and Pentax Factories

Our expert staff repair, calibrate and service all types of surveying equipment and provide detailed estimates for all work. We hold a large selection of spares and have a dedicated administration team.

In addition to this commitment to KOLIDA, Pentax and their products, our technician’s background is long and varied with experience in the service and repair of a wide range of survey and safety products.

This wealth of skills and knowledge allow us to undertake basic calibrations and repairs on all manner of manufacturer’s equipment. Our promise to you is that we will not undertake any work that we are not competent or authorized to undertake. Finally all service done by technicians are supervised by GLOBAL GIS Technical Manager ( B.Sc Surveyor).



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