GLOBAL GIS Pvt Ltd successfully held demonstration for Maga Engineering surveyors

Maga Engineering Pvt Ltd is the one of the best Construction Company in Sri Lanka. Maga possesses the most experienced group of construction project managers of the country, consisting of over 70 senior project managers and over 300 graduate engineers in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, materials, mining and earth resources engineering; together with designers, planners, quantity surveyors , technicians, and over 8000 craftsmen.GLOBAL GIS Pvt Ltd is the one of the main survey equipment supplier for Maga engineering Pvt Ltd.They arranged a demonstration participation with their Japan Partner PENTAX. Demonstration was done by Mr Tetsuya Kata who technical representative in PENTAX international sales department in Japan. He presented latest PENTAX Survey equipment and done practical session how to work properly this equipment in field. It was very valuable program for surveyors in Maga engineering.

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