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VE115 unmanned surface vessel (USV), a M-type trimaran, has strong anti-collision and wear resistance. With the modular design, it is easy to be assembled and disassembled and be equipped with different sensors for various tasks.
It can automatically realize autonomous navigation surveys in accordance with the intended route according to a sophisticated route planning algorithm, and it may be employed in a variety of challenging operating environments because of the multiple safety protection mechanisms.

  • Smoother sailing
  • Light-weight and strong adaptability
  • Impressive endurance
  • Super power system and high reliability
  • Smoother with dual communication
  • Multiple safety protection mechanisms
  • Positioning mode:  Autonomous/DGPS/L-band/RTK
  • Positioning accuracy:
    Vertical: 15 mm ± 1 ppm
    Horizontal: 8 mm ± 1 ppm

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